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North Devon Tournament - 2021

About the tournament By Sue Doncaster This annual Tournament normally takes place indoors at Tarka Centre, either February/March, or September/October. This year, we have abandoned any attempt to play it in the spring, but we are hoping that scheduling for the autumn will be possible. Enquiries have been made to Tarka for the availability of their courts, but as it is currently shut and all staff furloughed, we have not yet had a response. It isn’t a ratings tournament, and the format may appear less formal than a conventional KO event, but nevertheless it is still highly competitive. Events are played on dedicated time slots over 3 weeks: on Friday evenings and during the day at weekends, with exception of the over 60’s mixed doubles which is played on a weekday. All events are played in a round robin format, using a sudden death deuce, with the result being decided on games scored, (not on a conventional set). The number of games to be played isn’t always the same for each event – this can vary according to the number of entries and court time available. On the last weekend, the semi-finals are played Friday night or Saturday, and all Finals on the Sunday. Events: Men’s and Ladies’ singles. Men’s and Ladies’ doubles. Open mixed doubles. Over 50’s mixed doubles. Over 60’s mixed doubles.

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