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For activity to be sustainable in the long term, we are seeking volunteers to join our team, who have interests in any of the following: -


  • Social Media Platforms

  • Creating content for social media, newsletters, blog, email, website

  • Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Admin

  • Online apps and software

  • Organising events and or people

  • Finance and or fund raising


Can you spare a couple of hours? Whether it be per week or per month, we’d love to hear from you.   Email:



Our Volunteer Emphasis Who we are



Everyone deserves to enjoy physical and mental wellbeing

Regardless of ability and background, tennis is our way of achieving it


What we do

Run individual and team competition

Recommend competition

Provide pointers to clubs and venues

Where to access pay and play courts

Search for tennis coaches


Our Aims

Reach more people than ever before

Expand competitive opportunity

Create an inclusive and immersive online experience

Develop a volunteer structure that’s at the heart of North Devon Tennis


New Perspectives

Having fun

Meeting people

Sharing passion


New Skills


Defining roles



Online Activity introduced

Social media channels (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)



Mobile 1st Webpages

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