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NEW League Planner:

LTA League Planner Online System Upgrade


As you may be aware, the LTA League Planner Online System is due to be upgraded the week commencing 10 July.


This is an LTA-led upgrade. All the documentation and videos have been created by the LTA.

The main benefit is the ability to enter results on mobile and tablet devices.

New individual roles have been created. Club Admins and Team Captains.

NDLTA’s input has been to arrange this information into who it is intended for.


Players: Ensure you are linked to your club (Affiliated Venue)

Watch Video

Add your affiliated Club: Click Here


Team Captains: Ensure your LTA membership contact details are up to date

                        Your Club Admin will assign this new role to you.

                        Results entry and changing dates of matches will be done via your LTA logins.


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Add a match result: Click Here

Introduction for Team Captains: Click Here



Club Admin (Match secretary): Ensuring your Team Captains have been allocated.

                        Additional players can be allocated for results entry.

                        Acting as a backup for Team Captains

                        NB: This role is separate from your club’s main contact.

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Intro to Online League Planner: Click Here

Adding a Team Captain: Click Here

Add a match result: Click Here


3 Items to note leading up to the upgrade.


All info plus documents and videos can be found on this webpage.


  1. Tasks in advance

Check your named team captains for league and cups are up to date

Team Captains check that their LTA member contact details are up to date

   2. Getting familiar with the new system

Watch the video relevant to your role

Note common tasks PDF’s

   3. From Day 1 onwards

LTA Club logins will no longer work:

All-access for Club Admins & Team Captains is via LTA Member accounts

Support: It is recommended that questions be directed first to your Team Captains and Club Admin before approaching NDLTA.


LTA Support Email:


LTA Documentation website:

The most up-to-date information will be posted here.

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