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Mixed League


Thank you for entering a team(s) into this year mixed league. This year there are eight teams entered, up from the four from last year, so that is great news.  With having eight teams entered, I have allowed for two divisions.  As this is the first year for several of the teams, the relevant placement in leagues has been allocated, with a view to getting a more accurate placement next year.  Leagues will be an all play all, home and away. 


Division A

Ilfracombe A

Arc A

Park Lane   ( Season 2019 winners)

Tarka          ( Season 2019 runners-up


Division B

Ilfracombe B

Arc B





As a reminder of the rules


To encourage the success of the League, there are some flexibility in the rules. Any questions, requests please contact Steve Minall – 07741472581

· Max of 6 teams in a division 

· All clubs will be invited to enter a team – or more than one.

· Teams will compose of two pairs ( 2 men and 2 ladies) These players must be nominated, but any players can make up the pair. Please provide Stephen Minall with nominations before the first match

· To enable fair division placement it is requested that core team members are entered for each team. Players can only play for one team. It is possible to bring new players into the team ( i.e you are not obliged to only play core team members) but it is requested that in the spirit of the league these players are of a similar standard to the core team. Once the league is established the team rules will be brought in line with those of the men and ladies league. Subject to individual club rules, players do not need to be members of the club they are playing for - this is to enable more clubs to enter

· Matches will be given a play on the weekend of date ( Saturday and Sunday -though Sunday afternoons are the suggested day of playing). All teams will be given extra flexibility by allowing matches to be played the week up to the weekend, subject to both teams agreeing. Match day and times to be agreed by both sides, if there is no agreement, I will enforce the day and time based on the home teams suggestions. By mutual agreement , match dates can be changed, subject to notifying Stephen Minall. Should a team not be able to make a choice of 3 agreed dates a walkover will be given which will be an automatic win.  Matches are home and away,but again venues can be changed subject to team agreement

· Home teams to supply ball Refreshments are voluntary and in the spirit of the league it is hoped they will be provided by the home team, but either way the away team must notified.

· Matches are to start at the agreed time with a maximum of 15 minutes warm up. Teams are to warm up in own pairs. Should a pair not be complete 15 minutes after the start time they will default the first set and an additional set for every 20 minutes late after that.

· Matches will consist of the following format

Round 1

Home Pair 1 vs Away Pair 2

Home Pair 2 vs Away Pair 1

Round 2

Home Pair 1 vs Away Pair 1

Home Pair 2 vs Away Pair 2

Each round will be the best of 2 sets with, with a 7 point  tie-break should it be 6-6.  No deciding set or tie-break to be played if it is one set all – a rubber can be drawn.


Two points are awarded for winning a rubber, 1 point for a draw. The match winner is the team who has the most points and then

a) Two shield points shall be scored for each match won One shield point shall be scored for each match drawn. b) The team with the highest number of points at the end of the season shall be the winner of the league. If two or more teams have equal points then the winners shall be determined firstly by the percentage of rubbers won to rubbers played, secondly by the percentage of sets won to sets played, and thirdly by the percentage of games won to games played. c) As a result of the competition, teams shall be promoted to a higher league or relegated to a lower league, except in the bottom league where adjustment must be made to take account of teams leaving or joining the league. There will be one relegation and one promotion in the first year. Once the league is established the process of challenge matches can be discussed

Scores are to be emailed to Stephen Minall -– existing league score cards can be used.  I will try and send an updated league table on a regular basis.


It is also hoped that some extra matches can be played at the end of the season, with teams playing their counterparts form the other division.


Any questions please contact me.  Also any feedback during or after the league would be appreciated.  This is an evolving League and I am happy for any suggestions.

Mixed League Report 2019


 The mixed league has now finished it first full season and I am pleased to say that all those who participated had a great time, with some really good tennis having been played.


Four clubs entered teams this year, though unfortunately due to injuries , Chulmleigh had to withdraw, but we look forward to welcoming them back next year.


A good standard of tennis was played, with Park Lane being the eventual league winners on numbers of rubber won. The first mixed league trophy will be presented on October 5th at the NDLTA Presentation evening


The majority of the matches were played at a weekend (with most favouring sunny Sunday afternoons) and I am sure the clubs appreciated courts being utilised in otherwise dead times


It is hoped that more teams will enter next year, as several players have expressed an interest and were disappointed that they were not made aware of the option of a mixed league but their club. 


Looking forward, I  have also spoken to other non – North Devon league organisers who have set up now thriving mixed leagues and it is hoped that in the  upcoming season we will be able to have some fun , yet serious mixed champions vs champions competitions from visiting leagues.


The only way the league will be successful is if clubs get behind the league and actively promote it and see it as a way to encourage current and new members to play competitive tennis and get your courts being used during dead times.

Stephen Minall

XD 2019
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