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Adult & Senior Results

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North Devon Tournament 2020

Ladies Singles.JPG
Mens Singles.JPG
NDT 2020
Vets Mixed.JPG

Ladies Singles


Teresa Poole (RU)               Katie Rowe (W)

Pictures: By Sue Hunter (NDT)

Men's Singles


Matt Johns (W)                  Andy Walder (RU)

Mixed o50


Teresa Poole (W)            Alison Swinton(RU)

Alex Wingent                  Andrew Swinton

Report by Sue Doncaster


This year, the Tournament reached the semi-final stage and was then interrupted by the lockdown caused by covid19, with no idea if or when it would be possible to continue.


After some months, when doubles play was finally permitted, all the competitors were contacted 

and were keen to continue. It was then agreed that players arranged their own matches, rather than the committee attempt to organise all semi-finals and finals over one weekend as would have originally been scheduled.

Matt Johns came out winner of all three events he entered, and his mixed doubles partner Teresa Poole won three of the four she entered, only losing a closely contested ladies’ singles to youngster Katie Rowe.


​Men’s singles –         Matt Johns beat Andy Walder 6.0, 6.2

Ladies’ singles –       Katie Rowe held on to her title, beating Teresa Poole 3.6, 6.4, 10.6.,

                                    in a repeat of last year’s final.

Men’s doubles –       Matt Johns & Billy Pearce beat James McRae & Alex Wingent 6.0, 6.2.  In the

                                    semi-finals, senior players James & Alex carried off a successful defeat of youngsters Alex Styles & Kieran                                         Rattigan but were not able to repeat this against another youthful pairing of Matt & Billy.

Ladies’ doubles –     Teresa Poole & Alli Swinton in defence of their title,

                                    beat Cath Andrews & Helen O’Toole 6.0, 6.3.

​Mixed doubles –      Matt Johns & Teresa Poole beat Tom Poole & Jemma Sloman 6.1, 6.4. in a

                                    reverse of last year’s final, when the same pairs met, and Tom & Jemma beat Matt & Teresa.

Over 50’s xd doubles – Alex Wingent & Teresa Poole beat Andrew & Alli Swinton 4.6, 6.3, 10.3

​Over 60’s xd doubles – John Norman & Helen Beer beat Steve Hunt & Marian Vinall 6.4, 7.6 (10.8)

ARC Winter Open 2020

ARC Winter Tournament 2020

Ladies Singles copy.jpg
Mens Singles.jpg
Mens Singles B Draw.jpg

Ladies Singles


Katie Rowe (W)          Abigail Hanafin (RU)

Pictures: By Marian Vinall (ARC)

Men's Singles


Tom Poole (RU)                  Lewie Parker (W)

Men's Singles - B Draw


Dan Davie (RU)           Matthew Daniel (W)

Ladies Doublesjpg.jpg

Ladies Doubles


Alison Swinton (RU)        Jinny Stapley(W)

Janet Sanders                 Teresa Poole


Mixed Doubles


Tom Poole (RU)                  Henry Prince(W)

Jemma Sloman                 Lauren Prince

Men"s Doubles


Tom Poole (RU)              Euan McIntosh(W)

Lewie Parker                 Rupert George


Ladies Doubles 50+


Jinny Stapley (RU)         Alison Swinton(W)

Allyson Poore                Janet Sanders


Men"s Doubles 50+


Alex Wingent (RU)            Andrew Koval (W)

Simon Trapnell                 Ian Leonard

Vets Mixed.jpg

Mixed Doubles  50+


Gerald Sussex  (W)          John Norman (RU)

Teresa Poole                     Helen Beer

Report by Marian Vinall


October saw many of our juniors in action. U12 Nexus tour at ARC was won by Nick Beer (his first LTA Tournament win) Seb Robinson won the consolation event. Well done to Freya and Ebon also for entering their first Nexus event.


James and Michael Lethem Gent have been on tour, playing at Exeter, Yeovil, Martock and Ivybridge. James was RU in Exeter and Michael was 3rd in Yeovil.

The adult ARC Winter Open attracted some of our older juniors. Special mention goes to Katie Rowe for winning the Ladies Singles and 16-year-old Matt Daniel for winning the Men’s B draw.


ARC players did well in other events too with Lewie Parker gaining the Men’s Title, Rupert George winning the Men’s Doubles, Tom Poole was RU in the Mixed, Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles with Lewie. In the Vet’s Men’s Doubles Andy Koval and Ian Leonard claimed the title. The final event saw Gerald Sussex winning the Vet’s Mixed Doubles, with his partner Teresa Poole.


It was great to see so many ARC players enjoying the tournament (some for the first time) despite all the Covid rules. Look out for this event next October! 

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