Adding Players to your team

Easy to obtain a BTM

If you are not a British Tennis Member (BTM) it is easy to apply for FREE membership.

*See the guide at: -

We would like to recommend that all club players have a BTM because it will be easier and more convenient for your captains. Also, your players will only require the free version, it is easy to apply and they will be able to go in the Wimbledon Ballot.

Once registered a BTM player is selectable for all seasons.


*However, it is not compulsory to become a BTM to participate in the NDLTA league programme.

Therefore, for those players who remain non-BTM’s it will be necessary for your club to let us know the following either in advance or after each match: -

Their name, club and team(s) you expect them to represent and Email this information to

Once a non-btm player has been registered with NDLTA that’s it for the current season.

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