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LTA Advantage Membership

This is a guide on how to sign up for a free LTA Advantage Membership, an ITF WTN without receiving any unwanted communication from the LTA or third parties.

Joining LTA Advantage


Reasons for asking players to join are getting better and better.


  1. Why

  2. How to join

  3. Why and how to update your account later


  1. Why?

       Join Up once for free and benefit from all the following



  • You can enter competition UK Wide.

  • Competitions website is the Google and Amazon search tool for tennis

    • And it’s mobile-friendly



  • Your linked club can

    • Enter you into team competition

    • Move or place you in multiple teams


World Tennis Number (WTN)

  • Automatically receive a WTN when you join LTA Advantage

    • Measures your playing level

    • Separate singles and doubles measure

    • Every set you play counts toward your WTN

    • WTN updated weekly


Moves when you move

  • Take your account with you

    • Enter UK competition in the same way everywhere

    • Joined a new club? Just link to it.

    • Are you going abroad? Take your racket and WTN with you.

    • WTN is available in 144 countries.

  2. How to join

      Follow the How-to Guide above


  3. How to update your LTA Advantage account later

  • If you change your club/venue

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