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ITF World Tennis Number

What are the key facts?

Starting in April 2021, the ITF World Tennis Number, a common method of measuring ability (replacing the LTA Ratings), has been setup by the ITF, LTA, FTF and the USTA. When fully rolled out 49 tennis nations will be taking part.


How will ability be measured?

There will be a single scale from 40 to 1, one being the highest. For the first time, there will be a list for singles and for doubles. WTN is going to be updated once a week.

Note: WTN is not a ranking list. Existing ranking systems will remain in use.


What will count towards your WTN?

Every set you play will count towards your WTN. The following are examples of where you may seem them used: -

  1. LTA sanctioned tournaments, county, or area leagues

  2. Club competition and box leagues. (Ask your club about this)

  3. Friendly matches or games you play in your club or public park courts. Results are entered using the LTA Results Manager. (More details to come)


How are changes to your WTN calculated?

It based on a mathematical algorithm.

Up to four years of playing data will be held which will contribute to the confidence of your WTN. Another element will include result predictions


Note: In all cases you need to be an

LTA Advantage Member.

There are two free versions,

Play and Play+ (Registered Clubs), which include WTN. Compare them here


More info about WTN can be found here

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