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Devon Tennis are launching a new Devon Seniors League for the over 55s (see details below and attached)


Can you please promote this at your clubs and venues and make sure people in your leagues who may be interested are informed about this opportunity.


Many Thanks


Kind Regards – David Vinall

Chair Devon Tennis & LTA Councillor                                



Dear Club Contact

Further to my earlier email which included your venue login details (standard text below), please find attached the rules for the New Devon Seniors League.  This includes details on how to enter as well.


Please send this to all club members you feel will be interested in some fun friendly team competition for over 55s.


Kind regards, 




Devon Seniors League – Over 55s


We are pleased to announce Devon Tennis are introducing a new Seniors League for men and women over the age of 55.  Entry for the Devon Seniors League 2020 is now open and closes on Sunday 9th August 2020!


The Seniors league runs from August to December and we hope will provide a fun and exciting tennis experience for anyone over the age of 55.  This league is going to run slightly differently to most county/area leagues.  In discussion with the men’s and women’s Seniors captains we wanted to make it as flexible and fun for you as we could, so please read the rules carefully.  The rules will be sent in a separate email following on from this one.


Entry details and entry fees must be made through the online entry system at Devon Seniors League

Step by step details of how to enter is also included in the rules document.


Login Details

Each venue has one login and password which is required to enter teams online. It is important that this is given to trusted captains/venue people and the password is not changed.  As mentioned in the rules this does not mean you have to play under that club’s name or only with people from that club – you will be able to give yourselves a team name when you enter.  However, you will need the login/password details for a registered LTA venue as follows:



Jemima Morris

Competition Coordinator

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