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Devon Vets 2020 - Practices

Tennis League and Tournaments

The Devon coaches have arranged some recruitment events for all those players aspiring to play veterans County tennis. There is a fee of £5 per person for each session entered, at each of the venues a total of sixteen will participate on a basis of first come first served. Venues and dates are as follows, players please note that sessions are either for ladies or men:-


                                                                                                                   dates                    times                Coach

Nuffied Health The Devonshire Health and Rackets Club, Plymouth 

For ladies only                                                                             Saturday 21st March    16:00 to 18:00        Linden Hardisty 

For Men only aged 35 to 59                                                        Saturday 7th March      16:00 to 18:00              as above 

For Men only aged over 60                                                         Saturday 14th March    16:00 to 18:00              as above   


Exeter Tennis Centre, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QN                            

For Men only                                                                                Saturday18th April    11:00 to 13:00              as above     

For ladies only                                                                              Saturday 25th April    11:00 to 13:00              as above


The Atlantic Tennis Centre, Bideford

For Ladies only                                                                             Sunday 8th March      11:00 to 13:00        Tom Poole

For Men only                                                                                 Sunday 29 March       11:00 to 13:00          as above   


Players interested in attending to contact myself preferably by email on, or altenatively by phone on 07818011816.

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