LTA Tennis Awards

The LTA Tennis Awards celebrate the achievements made by outstanding individuals and venues in tennis throughout the past year. They present us all with a great opportunity to say “thank you” to the amazing 25,000 volunteers and other individuals who generously give their time to our sport. 

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There are 10 publically nominated LTA Tennis Award categories: 

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award 

  2. Volunteer of the Year

  3. Young Person of the Year

  4. Coach of the Year

  5. Official of the Year

  6. Club of the Year

  7. Communities and Parks Award

  8. Education Award 

  9. Disability Award

  10. Competition of the Year


The winners of the above categories will go forward for Regional consideration. A number of Counties have additional categories to the above which are awarded at a County level only. National Player Awards are not publically nominated and awarded at a national level (although most Counties will give County Player Awards).

Where a judging panel feels appropriate, the Coach Award can be “split” to be given to both a Clubs and Communities Coach and a Performance Coach. This applies to the County, Regional and National Awards.

At a Regional and National level, the judging panel can split the Education Award to award both a University of the Year and a School of the Year.

Last year over 1,500 nominations were received. Guidance for submitting a good nomination is included on the website and it’s worth encouraging people to pay close attention to this when nominating.

Counties are responsible for forming a judging panel to decide their County winners but can of course seek advice and guidance where needed. 

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